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17,500 join the Lib Dems in one month

by David Woodard on 24 July, 2016

I may be wrong, but I suspect many of you felt quite similar to me when you woke up on the 24th June – disbelief, disappointment and maybe even despair that a campaign that played on fear and intolerance had won.

You probably haven’t felt that much better since, watching the economic turmoil, international embarrassment, and complete chaos in Westminster with both the Tories and Labour ripping themselves apart.

However there is something else: hope.

17,500 new members have joined the Liberal Democrat party since the Referendum.

They are saying they want:
• To keep our place in Europe.
• To stop the fall-out being any worse.
• EU citizens already living in the UK to have the right to stay.
• Future generations to keep their access to study and live elsewhere in Europe through the Erasmus programme.

They are providing a real voice for those, like us, who think Britain’s place should still be at the heart of Europe.

So perhaps you might consider joining too. It’s easy to do, using this link:

I hope you don’t mind the suggestion but I believe the time is now to join a progressive movement that can keep Britain outward-looking, diverse and successful.

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