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Brexit is a national embarrassment – people feel duped

by David Woodard on 8 November, 2018

In America, as a result of the mid-term elections, the Democrats are to take control of the House of Representatives. This is being welcomed by many Americans who were dismayed by the result of the 2016 Presidential election.

Since 2016, America has become a more openly racist and intolerant place. Immigrants are less welcome, the clocks have been turned back on women’s and LGBT rights and violence against all minorities is on the rise. In Britain, we’ve seen a marked increase in hate and knife crime and racist attacks, while our global standing continues to crumble.

In the UK people rightly compare the election of Trump in America with the EU referendum in the UK. The promises they were offered: “Make America Great Again” and “Take Back Control” – have not materialised.

On both sides of the pond people feel duped

In America Trump is a national embarrassment – in Britain it is Brexit. But America had the chance to move in another direction. Britain should have same chance.

Britain should have a people’s vote.

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