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MPs should not have to choose between a bad Brexit ‘deal’ and ‘no deal’ – updated

by David Woodard on 9 November, 2018

In just a few days’ time the Government are expected to announce the miserable ‘deal’ they have negotiated with the EU and ask MPs to vote for it.

The Government is going to publish an “explainer” of their ‘deal’ and compare the details to what might happen if there was a catastrophic ‘no deal’ – NOT how their ‘deal’ compares to the current arrangements – Britain staying in the EU.

When people know the truth about this miserable Brexit, the demands for a People’s Vote will increase. So let’s make those demands louder. Will you write to your MP to let them know you won’t stand for this miserable Brexit?

It is a false choice to claim MPs have to decide between a bad ‘deal’ and ‘no deal’.

There is another choice – a People’s Vote to give the people power to decide whether any deal would be better than what we’ve already got.

The Government is going to try every trick in the book to stop us getting a People’s Vote. Don’t let them. Make your voice heard.

Berwick upon Tweed MP

Wansbeck MP

UPDATE Jo Johnson MP, Theresa May’s Transport Minister has resigned over the Brexit deal she is putting together – a deal which gives people the worst of both worlds. He has come out in favour of a People’s Vote.

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