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A Final Say on Brexit is the only sensible option

by David Woodard on 20 November, 2018

What a remarkable few days it’s been.

The prime minister announced last Wednesday that she had agreed a draft Brexit deal with the EU’s negotiators. Within 24 hours, two members of her cabinet and two other ministers had resigned, while talk remains rife that May will face a challenge to her leadership from critics within her own party.

The prime minister says this week is crucial to Britain’s future.

Amid the political manoeuvring, the prime minister admitted what we have long known: that the choice we now face is between her deal (which has been widely criticised), a no-deal departure (which would be a disaster) and no Brexit at all. The last of those options would, of course, require a further referendum – which is precisely what Liberal Democrats are seeking.

Even if Theresa May remains in post, the chances of her deal being approved by parliament are remote to say the least. We must therefore keep up the pressure for the people to be given an opportunity to consider the EU question afresh.

We know so much more about the likely realities of Brexit than we did at the time of the first referendum in 2016. We now know too the kind of departure deal that is possible. And you need only have a conversation with friends or tune into a TV or radio phone-in to know that there is one thing on which almost everyone agrees – nobody wanted this Brexit.

To put the matter back to the country is the right thing to do.

Over one million people have already signed the Independent newspaper’s petition. Please consider signing it and share it among your friends before it is taken to 10 Downing Street in the near future.


We saw on the streets of London last month how passionate support is for a second referendum – more than 700,000 people took part in the People’s Vote and The Independent’s March for the Future.

Parliament alone should not have the Final Say on Brexit.

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