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An ex-Tory Minister’s view of Theresa May’s Brexit plan

by David Woodard on 4 December, 2018

The following are the views expressed today by Jo Johnson, the MP for Orpington since 2010.

“I feel so strongly that the Prime Minister’s deal is against the national interest that a few weeks ago I resigned from the Government. I can now speak freely on the important issue we have faced as a country in many years.

“What is clear to me is that, contrary to all the promises made for Brexit in the referendum campaign, the PM’s deal will leave us poorer and less in control than we are today as equal partners in the EU. And, on Friday, my colleague Sam Gyimah, stood up for his principles by resigning as Universities minister, so he too could speak up and vote against this deal. Neither of us took this decision lightly but we know these are historic times and the stakes for our country and our democracy could not be higher.

“Today Parliament began probably the most important debate in many decades. As an MP, I will get the chance to say this deal is not what anyone voted for and point out why it is so much worse than the one already have in the EU. And, at the end of that debate, Sam and I will be given the chance to vote against it next week.

“The gap is so big between what was promised and what is now on offer that I believe it is vital for the public to have the final say. That’s why I want you to get a vote on whether the United Kingdom proceeds with Brexit or not.”

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