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We are in the EU now but for how much longer?

by David Woodard on 24 December, 2018

When our MPs return from holiday on the 7th January 2019 we expect them be debating and then voting on Mrs May’s choice of two BREXIT options – the deal negotiated with the EU and the default alternative of leaving without a deal.

On the basis of what we have seen and heard from MPs since the referendum in 2016 both options are likely to fail due to a lack of support from the DUP and Tory backbenchers and significant opposition from Labour and the Lib Dems.

So what will the Government and our MPs decide to do – a renegotiation with the EU on different terms? If so what is the plan?

Is there sufficient cross party support for another referendum what will be the questions people will be asked to vote on?

Whatever the plan, with insufficient time left, the EU will need to be asked to extend the 29th March 2019 deadline.

Labour say they want a general election and they will seek a vote of no confidence in the Government. It is most unlikely however that the Tories with their DUP partners will agree. They will want to hang on until 2022. Eurosceptic Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn says he can negotiate a better Brexit deal with the EU but few people, including many of his backbenchers, will think he is capable of doing so.

With our MP’s on holiday until 7th January the public has been given a welcome break from Brexit and more people will now be thinking it is time to stop wasting more taxpayers money and to seek “an Exit from Brexit”. It is surely time to concentrate on sorting out the problems on our railways, with our NHS and the other public services that require attention – all of which are the responsibility of the British government and not the EU.

A video released last month has been watched over 1.2million people to date. It demonstrates how a mythical EU dragon was conjured up and a trick of forced perspective put ‘fear in the way of facts’. The link is shown below –


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