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The heartless immigration policies of a Tory government

by David Woodard on 5 January, 2019

The past few years have seen the worst refugee crisis since the Second World War, as conflict in hostile places in Syria, Afghanistan, South Sudan, Eritrea and Iran have forced hundreds of thousands of refugees to flee to Europe for their lives.

Just 239 of these refugees have attempted to cross the Channel and find refuge in Britain this winter.

But rather than help these people, the Home Secretary has chosen to increase patrols and surveillance over the Channel and question whether these people are ‘genuine’ refugees. He has said that the Conservatives will do everything they can to make sure that those seeking asylum are not successful.

That the Home Secretary would be working to make it harder for refugees to find safety in Britain is horrifying, yet not surprising.

We have seen what this xenophobic, immigrant-attacking Conservative government is capable of – all in the name of appeasing the intolerance and racism of its most right wing supporters.

Britain should be on the side of working with European colleagues to welcome ‘genuine’ refugees, helping them discover a better and safer life, where they can make a contribution to the country that accepts them.

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