David Woodard

Local Council champion and Liberal Democrat campaigner in central Northumberland Learn more

About Me

I have lived in Northumberland since 1974 and in the village of Ulgham since 2001.

I joined the Liberal party in 1986 because the locally elected councillors from other political parties were failing to deal with serious local issues. I was elected as a Liberal parish councillor in 1987 and have been a parish councillor for more than 30 years. I was a member of Pegswood Parish Council from 2008 until August 2018. I am currently president of the Northumberland Association of Local Councils.

I was a Castle Morpeth Borough councillor for a total of ten years until the Borough Council was abolished in 2009.

I served for five years as a county councillor from May 2008 until May 2013 representing Longhirst, Pegswood and Middle Greens in Morpeth. I was Northumberland County Council’s first chairman when it became a unitary authority in April 2009.

I have been involved in producing and editing FOCUS newsletters within Northumberland since 1986.

I have been communicating using councillor’s websites since 2007 and using an ALDC website since February 2012. There are more than 300 posts on this website and you can see them and previous editions of FOCUS by visiting the categories below.