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Morpeth First School to be relocated

by David Woodard on 10 November, 2017

Labour before they lost control of Northumberland County Council in May this year got something right! They recognised the poor condition and difficult location of Morpeth First School’s premises at Goosehill and sought to build a new school. Unfortunately they wanted to build a new school on the area immediately in front of County Hall […]

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Council-maintained schools are continuing to outperform academies in Ofsted inspections. These inspections show that 81% of local authority schools are rated as “good” or “outstanding”, compared with 73% of academies and 79% of free schools. The above data comes from the Local Government Association who also claim that “inadequate” council-maintained schools are more likely to […]

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The future development of Morpeth’s schools

by David Woodard on 25 April, 2016

In November 2015 the Labour led Northumberland County Council “consulted” the public about their proposals for relocating schools to the County Hall site. The plans, unsurprisingly, were not well received as four schools, a leisure centre with swimming pool, school sports pitches and car parking were to be crammed into the site. It has now […]

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Education a “red line” in a Lib Dem coalition deal

by David Woodard on 28 April, 2015

A pledge to raise education funding from £49bn to £55.3bn over the next Parliament is a non-negotiable price of the Lib Dems entering coalition after the election, Nick Clegg has said. It is the first so-called “red line” that the Lib Dem leader has revealed. The Lib Dems have said they would spend £2.5bn more […]

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From the most reliable of unofficial sources I have discovered that the Labour cull of three chief officers shortly after they took control of Northumberland County Council last year cost £450,000. The three officers, who were appointed by the previous Lib Dem administration, were the Chief Executive, the Deputy Chief Executive and the Director of […]

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Two Tiers for the Ashington Partnership schools?

by David Woodard on 21 June, 2014

Northumberland County Council has considered a proposal from the Ashington Learning Partnership Trust to change from three tiers (first/middle/high) to two tiers (primary/secondary). Details of the proposal can be seen on the following link >>> The Ashington Learning Partnership Trust Proposals Parents and the public are now to be consulted over the changes effective from […]

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A Message from Julie on post 16 student transport

by David Woodard on 28 April, 2014

A huge thank you to everyone who signed our petition to stop the Labour councillors running Northumberland Council charging young people to travel to school or college when they reach 16. The response was overwhelming, and last week I was able to hand in almost 1,000 signatures to County Hall, ensuring that they listen to […]

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The proposed closure of Guide Post Middle School

by David Woodard on 17 January, 2014

I had a telephone call from a Pegswood resident yesterday. She has a child at Guide Post Ringway First School. This has prompted me to do some research knowing that other residents will also be concerned. I have learned that the County Council’s Family & Children Scrutiny Committee will be meeting on 3 April to […]

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County Council acts quickly on Guide Post Middle School

by David Woodard on 3 December, 2013

Further to my report below on the recent Ofsted inspection, an 11 page report by the Director of Children’s Services will be considered by the County Council’s Policy Board on 10 December. Full details can be seen on the County Council website (see Blogroll alongside). Current Government policy expects that schools placed in ‘special measures’ […]

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Anger and frustration over Ofsted inspections

by David Woodard on 2 December, 2013

Graham Allen, the MP for Nottingham North, has criticised a “blitzkrieg” of Ofsted inspections that have resulted in six of the city of Nottingham’s nine secondary schools being placed in “special measures”. Mr Allen accused Ofsted inspectors of being “disrespectful” and said the inspections had been “as crass and crude as a Friday night fuelled […]

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