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Another big rise in Council Tax by the Conservatives

by David Woodard on 22 March, 2019

In April 2009 Northumberland’s six District Councils were abolished and Northumberland County Council became a Unitary Authority with the responsibility for billing Council Tax. Government policy on Council Tax has changed dramatically since then. Remember Eric Pickles and the coalition with the Lib Dems? During the first five years from 2009, Government penalised Council Tax […]

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Band D Council Tax Comparisons

by David Woodard on 4 May, 2018

At PM Questions this week the Prime Minister pointed out that Band D Council Tax in the Conservative controlled London Borough of Wandsworth was £716.51 whereas in the adjacent Labour controlled Borough of Lambeth it was almost double at £1,386.27. To raucous applause from her backbenchers she concluded that people living in Conservative run council […]

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Council Tax is rising faster than ever

by David Woodard on 31 March, 2018

Local Lib Dems have been analysing the Council Tax bills sent out by Northumberland County Council since the District Councils were abolished and a Unitary Authority was created in April 2009. Our analysis confirms the Conservative Government’s current policy of allowing Council Tax to rise well above the rate of inflation, while it continues to […]

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On Wednesday Northumberland County Council met to decide a budget for the next financial year. This was the first budget set by the Tory administration which was elected in May last year. Council Tax, exclusive of the amount raised by parish and town councils which varies, is set to increase by 5%. For a Band […]

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For the next four years households across England face big council tax rises with bills for the average property set to increase by £54 a year. By 2019/20 the rise in four years would be £216 with the total increase in tax collected over four years being £540. According to figures from the Chartered Institute […]

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Northumberland’s 2016/17 Council Tax

by David Woodard on 1 March, 2016

I probably don’t need to remind you that your council tax bill will be arriving soon! Northumberland County Council has decided that their element of the council tax for the year to 31 March 2017 will increase by 3.99%. The annual charge for a Band D property will be £1,484.56. In three years the Council’s […]

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Different Councils – Different Choices

by David Woodard on 30 May, 2015

Bristol City is a council with ‘no overall control’. It has a mayor and a cabinet with portfolio holders from five different political groups. Bristol city councillors recently rejected a report from an independent remuneration panel which recommended a rise in their annual allowances. The City Mayor told a meeting of the City Council, “huge […]

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Most Councils stand firm on Council Tax

by David Woodard on 25 January, 2015

A report in The Independent on Sunday today reveals that across all council types, 43% are proposing to increase tax in 2015-16. Some 55% will freeze tax and accept a government grant equivalent to a 1% rise, along with 3% who propose to reduce the charge. Labour councillors took control of Northumberland County Council in […]

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A bad deal for Northumberland’s Council Tax payers

by David Woodard on 27 March, 2014

The Department for Communities and Local Government has released details of those councils who have budgeted to freeze Council tax for 2014/15. The following Metropolitan District Councils in the North East have frozen their Council Tax for 2014/15 – Gateshead, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, North Tyneside, South Tyneside and Sunderland. The Unitary Authority at Hartlepool has also frozen […]

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2014/15 Council Tax for Morpeth and the Pegswood area

by David Woodard on 21 February, 2014

Labour run Northumberland County Council has not accepted the Government’s Council Tax Freeze Grant and decided to increase Council Tax by 1.98%. Other local authorities in the North East region have accepted the grant. Northumbria Police Authority has accepted the Council Tax Freeze Grant and has frozen its precept. Parish Council precepts have varied. Some […]

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