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On Wednesday Northumberland County Council met to decide a budget for the next financial year. This was the first budget set by the Tory administration which was elected in May last year. Council Tax, exclusive of the amount raised by parish and town councils which varies, is set to increase by 5%. For a Band […]

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Police warning on telephone scams

by David Woodard on 22 December, 2015

Police are warning people to be alert to phone scams over the festive period. Fraudsters, may contact people claiming they have won a cash prize, or a holiday but asking for sums of money to be sent before the non-existent “prize” could be released. Other scams doing the rounds are fraudsters pretending to be bank […]

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112 is an emergency telephone number

by David Woodard on 17 August, 2014

112 is the emergency number for use throughout Europe. Many people still do not realise that it can be dialled free of charge from any fixed or mobile telephone in the UK in order to reach the emergency services as the event below indicates. It was about 1.00pm in the afternoon, and Lauren aged 19 […]

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