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Lib Dem general election manifesto ready in a few days

by David Woodard on 11 November, 2019

On Friday, the Liberal Democrat general election manifesto was finalised. In a special piece for this blog, Federal Policy Committee Vice Chair Jeremy Hargreaves explains what happened. “On Friday night, I chaired the Federal Policy Committee’s meeting to make the final decisions about our party’s manifesto for the general election on 12 December. It was […]

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Morpeth First School to be relocated

by David Woodard on 10 November, 2017

Labour before they lost control of Northumberland County Council in May this year got something right! They recognised the poor condition and difficult location of Morpeth First School’s premises at Goosehill and sought to build a new school. Unfortunately they wanted to build a new school on the area immediately in front of County Hall […]

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Council-maintained schools are continuing to outperform academies in Ofsted inspections. These inspections show that 81% of local authority schools are rated as “good” or “outstanding”, compared with 73% of academies and 79% of free schools. The above data comes from the Local Government Association who also claim that “inadequate” council-maintained schools are more likely to […]

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The future development of Morpeth’s schools

by David Woodard on 25 April, 2016

In November 2015 the Labour led Northumberland County Council “consulted” the public about their proposals for relocating schools to the County Hall site. The plans, unsurprisingly, were not well received as four schools, a leisure centre with swimming pool, school sports pitches and car parking were to be crammed into the site. It has now […]

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The Abuse of Britain’s Unfair Tax System

by David Woodard on 28 March, 2016

Some people, especially those with an income in the 45% tax bracket, take advice on tax from an accountant. Some then choose to form a limited company, with themselves as the sole director, to further reduce their tax liability. This is a practice which is being adopted by some high earners working in the public […]

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Education a “red line” in a Lib Dem coalition deal

by David Woodard on 28 April, 2015

A pledge to raise education funding from £49bn to £55.3bn over the next Parliament is a non-negotiable price of the Lib Dems entering coalition after the election, Nick Clegg has said. It is the first so-called “red line” that the Lib Dem leader has revealed. The Lib Dems have said they would spend £2.5bn more […]

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Labour’s ill thought out plans for a new County HQ

by David Woodard on 14 April, 2015

Over a year ago Northumberland County Council’s Labour administration announced a plan to build a new HQ in Ashington town centre at a cost of £20million and move staff out of the current County Hall building in Morpeth. It was said this would help to regenerate Ashington town centre. More than a decade ago Castle […]

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Julie Pörksen welcomes travel help announcement

by David Woodard on 19 September, 2014

Julie, a local Liberal Democrat campaigner, has welcomed the launch of the party’s pre-manifesto, which sets out the vision for Britain in the next Parliament. The policies in the pre-manifesto, which has spreading opportunity for the next generation at its heart, will be debated and voted on by members at the upcoming Liberal Democrats’ Party […]

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Yesterday’s 2014 Pegswood Show is deemed a success

by David Woodard on 18 August, 2014

The wind blew but the sun shone, the rain held off and yesterday’s well attended Pegswood Show was deemed a success. Thanks to the work put in over the last year by Pegswood Community Action’s ‘Show Committee’ an enjoyable time was seen to had by all who attended. Thanks also must go to all the […]

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Healthy Walking in Central and South East Northumberland

by David Woodard on 15 August, 2014

Today I decided to join a group of walkers in Pegswood. We walked from the centre of Pegswood to the newly opened Countryside Park Phase II, walked around the lake and came back through Phase I where the photo was taken. In addition to the new footpaths at Pegswood Moor there are several public rights […]

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