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We need bold action on climate change

by David Woodard on 27 November, 2018

We need a Government that puts climate change at the heart of decision making, not one that relegates it to a small sub-office of a minor department. Climate change isn’t just an environmental problem – it’s a human one too. Look at our country – and the impact of weather extremes likely linked to climate […]

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Air pollution limits in Britain continue to be breached

by David Woodard on 10 January, 2016

In the first week of 2016, London had already breached annual pollution limits. Under EU rules, sites are only allowed to breach hourly limits of NO2 18 times in a year, but Putney broke that limit for the 19th time on Friday morning and Chelsea and Kensington was expected to do so following day. On […]

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Twenty two years ago Tory government ministers were warned by scientists that their “dash for diesel” could cause a serious public health issue. Documents, now released twenty two years later, say that although diesel produced less of the key greenhouse gases (carbon dioxide, methane and nitrous oxide) it produced more of the toxic nitrogen dioxide […]

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Air pollution is a problem that has to be tackled

by David Woodard on 27 January, 2015

People watching the Dispatches programme ‘The Great Car Con’ on Channel 4 last night will be worried about the levels of pollution in our towns and the effect on our health. The air quality in Oxford Street, central London, has routinely been reported the worst in the world for levels of nitrogen dioxide. Air quality […]

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Air pollution safety limits breached

by David Woodard on 28 September, 2014

Nine British towns and cities that are breaching safety limits on air pollution have been named by the World Health Organisation. It said that levels of particles known as PM10 were above the safe annual average in Birmingham, Chesterfield, Leeds, London, Nottingham, Sheffield, Southampton, Stoke-on-Trent and Thurrock. More recently it has been announced that air […]

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Yesterday’s 2014 Pegswood Show is deemed a success

by David Woodard on 18 August, 2014

The wind blew but the sun shone, the rain held off and yesterday’s well attended Pegswood Show was deemed a success. Thanks to the work put in over the last year by Pegswood Community Action’s ‘Show Committee’ an enjoyable time was seen to had by all who attended. Thanks also must go to all the […]

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Healthy Walking in Central and South East Northumberland

by David Woodard on 15 August, 2014

Today I decided to join a group of walkers in Pegswood. We walked from the centre of Pegswood to the newly opened Countryside Park Phase II, walked around the lake and came back through Phase I where the photo was taken. In addition to the new footpaths at Pegswood Moor there are several public rights […]

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Pegswood Moor Countryside Park Phase II is now open

by David Woodard on 6 July, 2014

Banks have confirmed to Pegswood Parish Council that the area around the lake is now open to the public. A date has still to be set for the official opening and Banks have some more work to do on site in the months ahead. Many people enjoy walking in the open countryside around Pegswood. This […]

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Today some ‘outdoor gym’ equipment was installed in the Juliet Oakley Activity Area. This marks a further stage in the development of facilities by the parish council at Pegswood’s Welfare Park. Juliet whose efforts and ideas were behind the original bid for funding I am sure would have been delighted to see how the area […]

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Volunteers are proving to be a great help in improving the footpath network in the countryside around Pegswood. Using funds from a successful bid Groundwork North East is working with a group of volunteers to open up paths and maintain the Community Woodland at Collier’s Hill, the former pit heap. The aim then is to […]

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