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Longhirst Lane to re-open next Monday

by David Woodard on 18 March, 2016

The manager of the Potland Burn surface mine informs me that the C127, known locally as Longhirst Lane, will be re-opened to through traffic next Monday morning. This is good news for people living in Ulgham and Longhirst since their journey length by car to Ashington will be greatly reduced. The opening of the road […]

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Market conditions for coal in the UK

by David Woodard on 17 February, 2016

“Given continuing weak commodity prices, low coal demand and the announcement of further coal station closures, the board has taken the decision to reduce the group’s exposure to thermal coal markets over the next eighteen months. “The recent wet and mild weather has further impacted the group’s short-term trading, curtailing coal production and restoration activities.” […]

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Coal mining in Britain

by David Woodard on 18 December, 2015

Coal is a carbon fuel which when burnt pollutes the air we breathe. It created the ‘smogs’ I experienced in London as a schoolboy. We are now much more aware of the health risks associated with the use of carbon fuels and international commitments are needed to deal with what is a worldwide issue. Today […]

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Coal Mining in Britain – The Issues

by David Woodard on 12 August, 2015

Around the world industrialised countries are closing coal fired power stations and reducing the amount of energy generated from coal. This will reduce CO2 emissions, combat climate change and reduce the air pollution which gives rise to public health issues. Due to an increasing over supply of coal the worldwide market price is likely to […]

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UK Coal’s surface mining sites must be fully restored

by David Woodard on 23 February, 2015

  In Focus newsletters and previous blogs I have expressed my concern about the failure of UK Coal, who years after having extracted the coal, have not fully restored their surface mine sites at Stobswood and Steadsburn. I also made sure my MP Sir Alan Beith was aware of the details and he made sure […]

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UK Coal future to be decided this month

by David Woodard on 15 September, 2014

I have previously reported on the financial difficulties faced by UK Coal. The last official news release from UK Coal was on 11th June this year after Hargreaves Services had pulled out of a £5million loan deal. Now according to local sources crucial talks are being held with an Indian mining company Zamadini. These talks […]

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UK Coal – An important update

by David Woodard on 16 April, 2014

I reported on 30 March and 3 April on UK Coal’s current financial difficulties. UK Coal is now having discussions with its workforce on the closure of its deep mines at Kellingley in Yorkshire and Thoresby in Nottinghamshire as it seeks to finalise a £20m investment package for an 18 month closure programme. Without this […]

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