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We need bold action on climate change

by David Woodard on 27 November, 2018

We need a Government that puts climate change at the heart of decision making, not one that relegates it to a small sub-office of a minor department. Climate change isn’t just an environmental problem – it’s a human one too. Look at our country – and the impact of weather extremes likely linked to climate […]

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Sir Vince Cable MP and Baroness Featherstone in a letter have said “WE are at a pivotal moment in the fight against climate change. Just two years ago, world leaders from across the globe gathered in Paris and committed to an ambitious plan to tackle global warming. Yet now we face the withdrawal of the […]

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The Liberal Democrats have called on the UK government to introduce a new Act to tackle poor air quality and ensure vital pollution limits are not watered down post-Brexit. Today marks the 60th anniversary of the Clean Air Act, which was introduced in the 1950s to tackle deadly smog affecting UK cities. In a letter […]

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Air pollution limits in Britain continue to be breached

by David Woodard on 10 January, 2016

In the first week of 2016, London had already breached annual pollution limits. Under EU rules, sites are only allowed to breach hourly limits of NO2 18 times in a year, but Putney broke that limit for the 19th time on Friday morning and Chelsea and Kensington was expected to do so following day. On […]

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Coal Mining in Britain – The Issues

by David Woodard on 12 August, 2015

Around the world industrialised countries are closing coal fired power stations and reducing the amount of energy generated from coal. This will reduce CO2 emissions, combat climate change and reduce the air pollution which gives rise to public health issues. Due to an increasing over supply of coal the worldwide market price is likely to […]

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Twenty two years ago Tory government ministers were warned by scientists that their “dash for diesel” could cause a serious public health issue. Documents, now released twenty two years later, say that although diesel produced less of the key greenhouse gases (carbon dioxide, methane and nitrous oxide) it produced more of the toxic nitrogen dioxide […]

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Air pollution is a problem that has to be tackled

by David Woodard on 27 January, 2015

People watching the Dispatches programme ‘The Great Car Con’ on Channel 4 last night will be worried about the levels of pollution in our towns and the effect on our health. The air quality in Oxford Street, central London, has routinely been reported the worst in the world for levels of nitrogen dioxide. Air quality […]

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Air pollution safety limits breached

by David Woodard on 28 September, 2014

Nine British towns and cities that are breaching safety limits on air pollution have been named by the World Health Organisation. It said that levels of particles known as PM10 were above the safe annual average in Birmingham, Chesterfield, Leeds, London, Nottingham, Sheffield, Southampton, Stoke-on-Trent and Thurrock. More recently it has been announced that air […]

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Worldwide Pollution requires International Solutions

by David Woodard on 6 April, 2014

As a schoolboy I witnessed several London ‘smogs.’ I remember bus conductors walking in front of buses with lanterns to enable the bus drivers to see sufficient to drive buses forward at less than walking pace. It was so obvious that the smoke from chimneys and the black diesel smoke belching out from the exhausts […]

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