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Labour’s hypocrisy on Income Tax

by David Woodard on 2 November, 2018

In the Chancellor’s Autumn Budget, the personal allowance for basic rate (20%) taxpayers will rise from £11,850 to £12,500 in April 2019, saving all basic rate tax payers £130 a year. The threshold for the higher rate of tax (40%) was increased from £46,351 to £50,000, saving taxpayers earning more than £50,000, which includes very […]

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Council Tax is rising faster than ever

by David Woodard on 31 March, 2018

Local Lib Dems have been analysing the Council Tax bills sent out by Northumberland County Council since the District Councils were abolished and a Unitary Authority was created in April 2009. Our analysis confirms the Conservative Government’s current policy of allowing Council Tax to rise well above the rate of inflation, while it continues to […]

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FAIR TAXES and the Tory Government’s failure to act

by David Woodard on 6 November, 2017

Britain’s secretive offshore empire continues to allow a global elite to shelter their wealth and avoid tax as further leaked papers reveal. The apparent reluctance of a Tory Government to make meaningful progress on closing tax loopholes is perhaps explained by the fact that one of their biggest donors and an advisor is Lord Ashcroft, […]

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More on Tax Inequality in Britain

by David Woodard on 4 June, 2016

The Sun newspaper has reported that there are ten sites along the North Circular from Wembley in the west to the Olympic Stadium in East London where workers and migrants from in and out of the EU are picked up in trucks and vans to work for £40 a day. This practice by building contractors […]

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