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County Council announce speed limit changes in Ulgham

by David Woodard on 12 February, 2018

Following a consultation on speed limits held late last year Northumberland County Council are proposing to introduce the following speed limit changes in 2018. 1. The speed limit on the B1337 through Ulgham village will remain unchanged at 30mph but will be extended further to just beyond the bridge over the river Lyne north of […]

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Newcastle International Airport offers visitors travelling to it by car a range of parking options ranging from those wish to park short term to pick up or drop off to those that wish to park their car for longer. In recent years I have used the Express Pick-up and Drop-Off car park located immediately outside […]

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Parking in Morpeth Town centre

by David Woodard on 16 February, 2015

Morpeth Conservatives should remember that when they led a Tory/Lab administration at Castle Morpeth Borough Council prior to its abolition they supported charges for parking in the town’s off-street car parks. So any comment about car parking in Morpeth has to be referenced to the time it was made and the conditions that existed at […]

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Morpeth’s current parking problem needs to be solved

by David Woodard on 23 April, 2014

Last summer when the new Morrisons store opened in Morpeth 300 extra parking spaces became available making the removal of metered parking and charges possible. Less than a fortnight after the removal of parking charges and the introduction of disc parking Morpeth traders were expressing concern that many workers in the town were not parking […]

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Labour’s costly “free” parking plan revisited

by David Woodard on 5 February, 2014

It seems that Northumberland County Council’s Labour administration is determined at the budget meeting on the 18th February to introduce free parking irrespective of the cost and without satisfying local concerns that it will operate effectively. Last week letters from me were published in the Newcastle Journal and the Morpeth Herald. My letters reiterated the […]

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Labour’s costly “free” parking plan

by David Woodard on 27 January, 2014

Northumberland’s county councillors meet on 18th February to agree a budget for 2013/14. The current plan by the new Labour administration is to increase council tax by 1.99% to raise an extra £2,630,000. This sum covers the cost of introducing free parking in Northumberland said to be £2,235,000. All council tax payers in Northumberland would […]

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‘Free Parking’ in our market towns – Where the catch?

by David Woodard on 21 December, 2013

Last year when the Tories called for free parking in our market towns Labour councillors described it as a “political stunt.” The leader of the Independent group, now closely coupled with Labour, described it as “crass populism.” Then, in a U-turn ahead of the local election in May, Labour pledged, if elected, to bring in […]

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Action on the Telford Bridge traffic lights in Morpeth

by David Woodard on 3 October, 2013

Northumberland County Council are to introduce a temporary mini-roundabout to replace the traffic lights at the Telford Bridge road junction in Morpeth. It has now carried out all the necessary technical work including a design and safety audit and has drawn up an action plan to remove the lights. This will involve carrying out the […]

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A meeting of the Steering Group, set up to consider the future of the Telford Bridge Traffic lights alongside the wider transport issues within Morpeth, has heard the interim report of the independent traffic consultant, Phil Jones. Mr Jones is almost in a position to make his final recommendations. The evidence that has been gathered […]

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Parking at the new Morrisons superstore in Morpeth

by David Woodard on 17 July, 2013

The arrangements for parking at the new Morrisons superstore, which opens in Morpeth on 22 July are as shown below. A new short stay car park will be managed by Europarks and will provide 283 pay and display parking spaces. The charges for pay and display are: £1 for up to one hour, if you […]

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