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The Tory Party leadership

by David Woodard on 10 July, 2019

The Tory party Leadership debate emphasises their divisions over Brexit. Some Tories support leaving the EU without a deal; whilst others want any future deal to be the subject of a second referendum with “Remain in the EU” as a ballot option, which is Lib Dem policy. The two leadership candidates seem to be prepared […]

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Sir Vince Cable’s speech to a People’s Vote Rally

by David Woodard on 30 June, 2019

“The Conservative Party has spent the whole time since the European elections absorbed in it own psychodrama. “Once again the future of the country has played second fiddle to the future of the Conservative Party. “The Conservative Party membership has been given the power to decide our next prime minister and the future of our […]

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Crashing out of the EU without a deal is a step closer

by David Woodard on 13 June, 2019

On June 12th Home Secretary Savid Javid launched his bid to be the new prime minister. He admitted that the Conservative government had been incompetent. But – incompetence and indiscipline are not the sole attributes of the Tories – read on! Also on June 12th a vote was taken in the House of Commons on […]

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A message from Vince Cable

by David Woodard on 28 May, 2019

On Sunday night British liberals beat both the Conservatives and the Labour Party for the first time since the days of Lloyd George. We secured second place in a national election, our largest ever group of MEPs, and our best share of the vote in a decade. And whilst the Brexit party may have topped […]

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Labour’s dodgy Brexit voting record

by David Woodard on 9 May, 2019

We have done a little bit of digging on Labour’s Brexit voting record – and it shows they have voted with the Conservatives time and time again. Labour are trying to keep their position on Brexit as vague as possible. Labour has aided the Tories in pushing it through every step of the way. They’re […]

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Good Progress on a People’s Vote

by David Woodard on 31 March, 2019

Thanks to almost three years of Lib Dem pressure the UK didn’t leave the EU on 29th March 2019 and a People’s Vote is closer than ever. Nigel Farage must be fuming. Friday 29th March was supposed to be his day of victory. Tim Farron was a lone voice when he said the people must […]

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Another big rise in Council Tax by the Conservatives

by David Woodard on 22 March, 2019

In April 2009 Northumberland’s six District Councils were abolished and Northumberland County Council became a Unitary Authority with the responsibility for billing Council Tax. Government policy on Council Tax has changed dramatically since then. Remember Eric Pickles and the coalition with the Lib Dems? During the first five years from 2009, Government penalised Council Tax […]

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North Northumberland News

by David Woodard on 9 March, 2019

I have obtained a digital version of the Liberal Democrats tabloid newspaper that residents living in the Berwick upon Tweed constituency have been receiving in their post recently. It highlights the selection of Tom Hancock as the Liberal Democrat candidate for the Berwick upon Tweed constituency at the next General Election. It also highlights the […]

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Climate change is the biggest issue facing our planet

by David Woodard on 3 March, 2019

Extreme weather hit every populated continent in 2018, killing, injuring and displacing millions. That is why young people across the UK and the world, including over 2,000 students in Layla Moran’s Oxford constituency, went on strike over climate change two weeks ago. That is why Liberal Democrat MP Layla Moran secured a debate on climate […]

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This has been a week of dramatic developments in Westminster. It feels like it has been a moment when politics has started to change. Liberal Democrats have been calling for a realignment of politics for decades. I have welcomed the courageous move by 11 Members of Parliament to sit as independents. We now must seize […]

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